Recruiting a Senior Full Stack TypeScript Engineer

The Role

Would you like to build applications that will positively impact the health and fitness industry?

Our client is a High-Tech company that provides a service improving the daily health and life of customers in Germany.

The role is a cornerstone in the product team, as the frontend is the main digital customer interaction point to the vertically integrated product – from the physical machine to the customer mobile app.

The technology combines a physical fitness machine, modern apps, and a cloud-based backend with a host of data.

You will take complete, end-to-end ownership of all front-end projects across the entire stack. It is a fascinating role with a lot of room to learn and grow in a modern TypeScript environment. You will advance to the position of team leader by hiring and coaching a team of A-Players.

We are looking for a Senior Full Stack TypeScript Engineer to join the team, in Berlin, Germany.


  • Start as a Senior Full-stack and grow into a Team Lead role for all customer-facing applications
  • Shape customer training experience.
  • Be accountable for the delivery and technical foundation of the customer-facing applications
  • Define frontend architecture and tooling
  • Create simple and elegant visual solutions for the customers
  • Drive future product developments with the product owner.


The Requirements


      • At least 5-6+
      • 5-6+ years of Full-stack web development experience
      • 3-4+ years of web and mobile development with React and React Native
      • TypeScript Knowledge
      • Experience with serverless web development
      • Interested in fitness/health
      • Ability to hire and develop a team of A-players for the frontend team
      • Excellent knowledge of frontend technologies, especially React and React Native in TypeScript
      • Capability to translate business requirements into compelling customer experiences
      • Thorough understanding of software architecture and tooling from UX, frontend to APIs and backend
      • Commitment to providing high-quality products on a consistent basis
      • Growth mindset to build trust and empower team members
      • Pragmatic but precise where required
      • Excellent and straightforward communication skills
      • Sourcing Locations:
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Open to interviewing candidates from around the world – if you’re willing to relocate to Berlin in Germany.
    • Contract:
    • Full-time long-term commitment if you are in Germany
    • 2-3 days/per week present on-site
    • Benefits
    • Full-time long-term employment

    • Attractive overall package

    • Professional growth opportunities

    • Pleasant work environment 

    • Be at the cutting edge of innovation in the fitness and health market

    • Be part of a team that improves the customer’s quality of life

    • High level of freedom and responsibility